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TERMS & CONDITIONS for renting with Baby Golightly

By renting equipment from Baby Golightly IVS, the client agrees to the following terms and conditions. We recommend that before completing your booking and payment you read the terms carefully. Baby Golightly IVS is owned and operated by Baby Golightly IVS, CVR no: 36713631, Tel. +45 30 28 08 70 - info@baby-golightly.com 

Booking and payment

Baby Golightly IVS is a digital company, and so all booking and payment takes place via our website, baby- golightly.com. Our website is open 24 hours, and can therefore be used to rent equipment at any time. The prices shown beneath each product include Danish VAT. When a product is added to the cart, an additional €5 cleaning fee per product will automatically be added to the cart.


Baby Golightly IVS strives to make the process of renting equipment as easy as possible for our customers. Therefore, we offer to either meet our customers in Copenhagen Airport upon their arrival and departure (costs 20€), or to deliver to private addresses, Hotel or Airbnb within the Greater CpH area (costs 40€). It is mandatory for the customer to choose between these two options in order to complete their booking. The “delivery” fee will automatically be added to the cart. The up-to- date delivery fee will always appear on baby-golightly.com. It is the customer’s responsibility to enter the correct address and specific time they wish for their order to be delivered, and to be present at the specified time. If the customer is not present, all extra expenses (e.g. waiting fees incurred by the courier service, etc.) will be borne by the customer, for which they will be billed separately. Items delivered to hotels can be retrieved from the hotel’s reception. Baby Golightly IVS only delivers within the greater Copenhagen area.

Cancellations and refunds

It is possible to cancel an order at any time. Cancellations on orders made up to 48 hours before the date of delivery or pick up will be fully refunded to the card used for payment. If an order is cancelled without giving at least 48 hours notice, 50% of the total cost will be refunded to the customer. To cancel a booking the costumer needs to either write an email to info@baby-golightly.com or call +45 30 28 08 70. After cancelling the booking, the customer will receive an email confirmation for the refunded amount. The refund will be visible in the customer’s bank account within 2-9 days after the refund is issued. If a customer returns a product prior to the agreed upon return date, no refund will be issued for the days after which the product is returned.

Contact information

Baby Golightly IVS communicates via email to confirm bookings. For other questions relating to the rental (e.g. regarding product information) Baby Golightly IVS is reachable by phone, text and email. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they provide their correct email address and phone number when they book at baby-golightly.com, and to maintain correspondence with Baby Golightly IVS with regards to their order.

Bringing rented equipment on different means of transport

It is allowed to bring all of our products on flights, trains, metros, busses, and cars, including taxis and ferryboats. However it is the sole responsibility of the customer to return the equipment in the same condition

as it was received. Therefore if the customer brings our equipment on a flight, we recommend that they rent an air shell (available at the airport) or rent stroller-specific travel bags, which are available for rent on our website. If the rented equipment is damaged or lost in the rental period the Responsibility, insurance and liability as written below applies.

Responsibility, insurance and liability

a. Responsibility for the condition of rented products

When the costumer is handed over their order it is the customers own responsibility to make sure that the equipment is in good condition before they leave the store. If there are any concerns or complaints regarding the product, they must be made known to the employee before the customer leaves the store. After making a complaint, it is at the discretion of Baby Golightly’s employees to assess the validity of the customer’s claim, and to determine if they should be offered an alternative product. At all times the customer is entitled to a refund in accordance with Cancellations and refunds. If the customer disagrees with the decision made, they can write a complaint to info@baby-golightly.com. Thereafter Baby Golightly will review the case and respond to the customer no later than 14 days after the complaint is made.

Once the customer leaves the store with their rented product, the rental period has begun, and the product’s overall safekeeping is the customer’s responsibility. Any damages inflicted on the products during the rental period will be billed directly to the customer.

The rented products must be returned it in the same general condition as they were received. For each rented product, the customer pays a cleaning fee, which ensures our equipment is clean and ready for use at the start of each rental period. Therefore the customer is not expected to account for the superficial cleanliness of the product (i.e. mud, crumbs, and other removable spots of the like) upon its return. However, if the rented products are returned in such a state that they require dry-cleaning, Baby Golightly IVS will bill this expense separately. In this case, Baby Golightly will send the customer an email outlining the problems with the product in question including a photo of damages and a bill for the related expenses. It is solely at the discretion of Baby Golightly and their employees to assess the condition of the product. If employees find that extra cleaning is needed, the employee must inform the customer before they leave the store.

b. Theft or significant damage to the rented products The customer’s insurance must cover any damages or theft of the rented product for the entire rental period. In the event of theft or significant damages to the product or its functionality, the customer must provide Baby Golightly IVS with their insurance information at the latest by the end of the rental period, after which Baby Golightly IVS will contact their insurance company to sort out compensation. If the customer’s insurance does not cover the compensation, the customer must pay it directly to Baby Golightly IVS, which will determine the appropriate compensation. The customer or the customer’s insurance company can be charged up to the full price of the product in the event of damaged or lost products.

c. Liabilities for the rented products Baby Golightly IVS has no product liability in the case of manufacturing defects, design defects or failure of the product to provide proper warning labels. It is the customer’s responsibility to acquire sufficient information regarding the product before using it. The user guide concerning each product can be downloaded from baby-golightly.com and can serve as a guide for using the products.

However, in the rare case of damage or injury occurring when a product is used correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s intent, Baby Golightly IVS cannot be held responsible. In this event, the customer will be referred to the manufacturer of the product.